About Us

About Us

Pediasleep was founded in 2006 by a Mom and Dad who had the worst sleeping baby ever (seriously!). As night after sleepless night passed, and after trying every baby sleep tip in the book, we were surprised to discover that the sound of a clothes dryer was the only thing that would consistently help our baby sleep.

Later, we learned that friends’ babies were soothed by different household noises like vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, radio static, and more. Determined to help other families avoid our own struggles with sleeplessness, we produced a handful of recordings and launched Pediasleep.

We help tired babies and parents sleep.

What we do is simple:

  1. We make audio recordings of natural white noise and soothing sounds to help babies cry less and sleep better.
  2. We give parents a product that is safe, easy to use, and extremely effective.
  3. We help tired parents and babies get back to a normal sleep routine, so everyone can start enjoying the new bundle of joy instead of fighting to get him/her to sleep all the time.

This is all we do, and we aim to do it very well.

Over 100,000 sleepy babies and parents served!

In 6 short years, Pediasleep has delivered over 100,000 soothing sounds to families all around the world, and has helped countless parents and babies sleep better with natural white noise recordings that are safe, effective, and easy to use.  In addition to the MP3 downloads and CDs that we sell under the Pediasleep brand, our sounds have also been licensed for use in various baby products ranging from portable infant co-sleeping beds to high-end baby monitors.

Our sounds are « Baby tested and parent approved »

A lot of love and care goes into every soothing sound Pediasleep makes.

We start by using the highest quality recordings of sounds that are proven to soothe babies.  Our professional sound engineer carefully balances all frequencies so the end result is gentle enough for babies ears, yet strong enough to help even the fussiest of babies.  Finally, before we release any soothing sound, we send it to our « Parents Panel » where real parents with real babies try it out to check its effectiveness.  Through this careful process we have created over 40 soothing sounds, yet only ten have been good enough to deem « baby tested and parent approved. »

We have soothing sounds for everyone.

Whether you are looking for soothing sounds for baby, or soothing sounds for cosleeping, we have you covered.  All of our soothing sounds are available in MP3 format for instant downloading, and on professionally produced Audio CDs.  We have gift packagesavailable that are perfect for baby showers and new baby gifts, and we also sell gift certificates.  Visit our sounds page to browse, listen to samples, and find the perfect soothing sounds for you.

Contact Us

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Toll-Free: 1-800-269-8262