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Soothing Sounds for Adults

We decided that it wasn't right to give all the good stuff to the babies, so we set out to create at least a few sounds that would help all you tired and sleep-deprived Moms and Dads get some much-needed relaxation and sleep of your own.


Many of our "grown-up" customers use these sounds to take mini relaxation-breaks during the day, concentrate more effectively at work, or sleep deeper in the night. After all, if sounds can soothe babies, why can't they soothe adults too?

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Ocean SurfOcean Surf

Honestly, is anything more relaxing than the sound of the ocean? Short of actually being there, our recordings of the ocean surf are a great way to recreate this same feeling at your convenience...

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Pond with Frogs and CricketsPond with Frogs and Crickets

Sitting outside on a warm summer night, the sound of pond frogs and crickets creates an almost magical experience, as everything else gently melts away and you drift into deep relaxation...

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Rain StormRain Storm

There's no better sound for relaxation and sleep than the pitter-patter of a gentle rain storm as it slowly builds, then washes away all tension and stress as it recedes into the distance...

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Relaxing RiverRelaxing River

Float off into deep relaxation and soothing bliss with the sounds of a relaxing river. This incredibly hypnotic and soothing sound is perfect for sleeping or daily stress relief when you need it...

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Steady RainSteady Rain

Mother Nature couldn't have done better if she tried. This 100% natural white noise soundtrack is ideal for masking unwanted noises while promoting general relaxation and healthy sleep...

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Stream with Frogs and CricketsStream with Frogs and Crickets

The calming sounds of a babbling brook provide the perfect background for the tranquil duet of nearby frogs and crickets. This is a favorite sound of ours, and it's sure to become one of yours...

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Calm your mind and soothe your soul with the relaxing sounds of rain on the roof and rolling thunder in the distance. This beautiful recording of a thunderstorm is pure relaxation when you need it...

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White Noise for AdultsWhite Noise for Adults

White noise isn't just for babies, it's perfect for adults too! This version of white noise is made for adults; it masks unwanted noises, aides relaxation and sleep, and can help treat tinnitus...

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