Experts Recommend White Noise for Baby Sleep

Experts Recommend White Noise for Baby Sleep

Of course all of us at Pediasleep love white noise.  We recommend it to our friends and family, and we use it ourselves with our own babies.  But we’re not the only ones who like white noise and recommend it to others.

The following experts fully endorse and recommend white noise as part of a comprehensive strategy to promote healthy baby sleep:

« `White noise,’ such as the continuous, monotonous sound of a vacuum cleaner or a recording of ocean waves, can often relax and lull your baby…. “

-Mayo Clinic, Complete Book of Pregnancy & Baby’s First Year

« A baby who cannot relax can be helped to do so by a variety of constant rhythmical stimuli…. it will work if the trouble is some kind of general and diffuse irritability or tenseness which is preventing a tired baby relaxing into sleep. The burring sound of a fan or heater works excellently. So does the sound of a car engine. »

-Penelope Leach, Your Baby & Child From Birth to Age Five

« Comforting the Crier. Many babies are calmed, for example, by the hum of a fan or vacuum cleaner, a tape recording of uterine gurglings, or a record that plays soothing nature sounds, such as waves breaking on the beach…. »

-Eisenberg, Murkoff, and Hathaway, What to Expect the First Year

« Many Babies Cry because they were born 3 months too soon! As helpful as [womb simulation] is for calm babies, it is essential for fussy ones… Every traditional baby-calming technique around the world imitates the sensations of the womb. »

-Dr. Harvey Karp, M.D., The Happiest Baby on the Block

“Sounds that involve all the frequencies audible to the human ear and are continuous and monotonous are very effective in settling the restless baby and keeping her asleep…. The lower, more monotonous, and rhythmical the tone, the more soothing…. Sound ridiculous? Not really. If you have ever had a fussy baby, you will try anything that works.”

-William Sears, Keys to Calming the Fussy Baby

Pediasleep produces white noise and other soothing sounds that are guaranteed to help even the fussiest of babies.  For less than the cost of a dinner out, you can start using an easy-to-use, proven sleep solution for your baby.

Experts recommend it.  We know it works from the testimonials we get from our customers.  Buy our white noise today, and sleep better tonight.  Your baby will thank you!

Andrew Dolbin-MacNab

About the Author:

Andrew Dolbin-MacNab is a father, web developer, and one of the founding members of Pediasleep, a leader in the production of white noise and other soothing sounds to aid the healthy sleep of infants, cosleepers, and parents. Having successfully survived his daughter and son’s early sleep problems with the help of white noise, he is also an expert on infant sleep problems and their solutions.

Pediasleep can be found online at

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