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Soothing Sounds for Baby

Made especially for babies, these sounds are guaranteed to help your baby relax and fall asleep. Although many of these sounds are not soothing to adults, there is nothing better to soothe a fussy, colicky, and tired infant.


If you would like your baby to cry less at bedtime, go to sleep easier, and have a longer and more restful sleep, then look no further than these soothing sounds for baby.

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Clothes DryerClothes Dryer

The soothing sound of a clothes dryer is sure to relax and calm your fussy baby. The gentle hum combined with the soft, rhythmic tumble of the clothes will have your little one asleep in no time...

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Electric FanElectric Fan

The soft white noise of an electric fan has been recommended by countless pediatricians to soothe tired, fussy babies. Your baby is sure to be lulled into a deep sleep by this soothing sound...

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Hair DryerHair Dryer

Ask any parent who has tried this surprisingly soothing sound, and they will tell you there's nothing better. Save the electricity, and buy the recording - your baby will never know the difference...

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Ocean Surf with WombOcean Surf with Womb

The soothing sounds of the ocean are gently layered with comforting womb sounds to create an incredibly soothing sound for babies. You will love how well your baby sleeps to this...

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Relaxing River with WombRelaxing River with Womb

Floating down a relaxing river of sleep, safe in mother's womb. That's how your baby will feel when they hear this soothing sound combo that is guaranteed to improve their sleep (and yours too)...

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Running WaterRunning Water

The soothing sound of running water is almost hypnotic as it masks out unwanted noises, and gently lulls your baby to sleep naturally. But, save your water bill and buy the recording instead...

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Steady Rain with WombSteady Rain with Womb

There's nothing more relaxing than the gentle sound of falling rain. Combined with soothing womb sounds, this sound combo has been proven to help the fussiest of babies relax and sleep...

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Vacuum CleanerVacuum Cleaner

Your baby is certain to love our soothing vacuum cleaner sounds. This surprisingly soothing sound is guaranteed to relieve colic and help your baby sleep better than ever...

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White Noise for BabiesWhite Noise for Babies

Gentler than our "White Noise for Adults," this sound was created especially for babies. It's guaranteed to calm any fussy or tired baby with its sound masking qualities and calming 'whoosh'...

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Womb Sounds

Womb sounds are great for helping any baby fall asleep and learn to sleep through the night. After all, your baby is bound to miss the 'womb service' that they became used to...

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