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Soothing Sounds for Both Babies and Adults

The sounds on this page are guaranteed to be just as soothing to you as they are to your baby.


Whether you are cosleeping with your baby, or just want some sounds that will soothe both of you, our soothing sounds for both adults and babies are sure to bring relaxation and better sleep to everyone in the family.

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Ocean Surf with WombOcean Surf with Womb

You love the relaxing sounds of the ocean. Your baby loves the familiar sounds of the womb. This soothing sound combo is the perfect blend for everyone to relax and sleep like never before...

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Rain Storm

The tranquil sounds of a gentle rain storm are soothing to both your baby and you. As the rain slowly builds in intensity then gently recedes, you and your baby will be asleep in no time...

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Relaxing RiverRelaxing River

The incredibly hypnotic and relaxing sounds of a lazy river are perfect for lulling your baby to sleep, while at the same time providing stress-relief and relaxation to you as well...

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Relaxing River with WombRelaxing River with Womb

Combining the soothing sounds of the womb with our relaxing river sounds makes for a tranquil sound combo that will help both you and your baby relax and sleep better than ever...

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Running WaterRunning Water

With its ability to mask unwanted noises and aide in the relaxation and healthy sleep for people of all ages, the sound of running water is sure to be loved by everyone in your family...

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Steady RainSteady Rain

The sound of a steady rain as it gently falls is soothing to both adults and babies alike. With its gentle and hypnotic sound masking qualities, this sound is great for you and your baby...

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Steady Rain with WombSteady Rain with Womb

This popular soothing sound blends the soothing sounds of a gentle rain with the sounds of the womb to create a sound combination that will have you relaxed and asleep in no time...

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White Noise for AdultsWhite Noise for Adults

Although this was produced for adults, it is often equally soothing to babies. This sound masks noises slightly better than our "White Noise for Babies" due to the stronger high frequencies...

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White Noise for BabiesWhite Noise for Babies

Although this was produced for babies, it is often just as soothing for adults. Many find that the stronger low pitch frequencies of this sound are more soothing than our "White Noise for Adults"...

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