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Soothing Sounds for Colic

There are few things more stressful than a colicky infant. The non-stop crying, the sleeplessness, the discomfort and agony that your baby goes through is only made worse by the helpless feeling that nothing you do seems to make it better.


The good news is that white noise has been proven to help relieve colic symptoms. Infant research and feedback from our own customers have shown that the sounds on this page are all very effective to help your colicky infant relax, and sleep.

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Clothes DryerClothes Dryer

The soothing sound of a clothes dryer is sure to soothe your colicky baby. The gentle hum combined with the soft, rhythmic tumble of the clothes will have your little one asleep in no time...

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Electric FanElectric Fan

To soothe tired, colicky babies, the soft white noise of an electric fan has been recommended by countless pediatricians. Your colicky baby will love the calming purr of this soothing sound...

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Hair DryerHair Dryer

This surprisingly soothing sound is guaranteed to relieve colic and help your fussy baby sleep. Hundreds of our customers love its effectiveness to soothe their own tired and colicky babies...

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Relaxing River with WombRelaxing River with Womb

Research has shown that water sounds can be very effective in relieving colic symptoms. This soothing sound does even better by adding our womb sounds to create a very effective combo...

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Running WaterRunning Water

The hypnotic sounds of running water is another sound that is shown by research to ease colic. Your colicky baby is certain to be calmed by this tried-and-true soothing sound for colic relief...

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Steady Rain with WombSteady Rain with Womb

Experience the colic-fighting effectiveness of this soothing sound combo as the gentle sounds of a quiet rain are combined with the familiar and soothing sounds of the womb...

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Vacuum CleanerVacuum Cleaner

Your colicky baby is certain to be swept away by our soothing vacuum cleaner sounds. This surprisingly soothing sound is guaranteed to relieve colic and help your baby sleep...

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White Noise for BabiesWhite Noise for Babies

Many pediatricians recommend white noise for colicky babies because its simple effectiveness is often unmatched. This white noise is gentler than most because it was made just for babies...

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Womb SoundsWomb Sounds

The familiar and soothing sounds of the womb are guaranteed to help ease the discomfort that your colicky baby is experiencing and have them sleeping in no time...

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