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Multi-Sound Package Deals

The best way to learn which sounds are most effective for you or your baby is to try as many as possible. These multi-sound package deals are a great way to help you try lots of sounds without spending a lot of money buying them all individually.


After trying different sounds in these packages, you'll quickly find one or two that work best for you. And because these packages are such a great value, you'll have saved a lot of money in the process.

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Baby Sleep PackageBaby Sleep Package

This money-saving package contains 7 of our most effective soothing sounds for babies. Whether you want your baby to sleep better and longer, or whether you're looking for some colic relief, you are sure to find a soothing sound that will do the trick...

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Mother Nature's SootherMother Nature's Soother

The soothing sounds in this package are designed to help you get some much-needed relaxation. This package of 7 very popular natural soothing sounds is guaranteed to help with relaxation, stress-relief, and sleep. We know you deserve it...

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Something for EveryoneSomething for Everyone

The 7 soothing sounds in this package were hand-picked to help everyone in your family relax and sleep better. Filled with a few favorites for babies and a few for adults too, there is something for everyone in this very popular money-saving package...

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