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Pediasleep offers attractive partnership opportunities for retailers and affiliates.
If your customers need an effective baby sleep solution, then let's get together.

Retail and Affiliate Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in selling Pediasleep soothing sound CDs and MP3s.  We are proud that our collection of soothing sounds for healthy baby sleep and co-sleeping families is the best quality and most comprehensive in the world and we invite you to consider becoming a valued partner in our business.


Adding Pediasleep CDs to your retail product line can be very profitable for your business.  Our products are high-quality, can be priced to give you a good profit margin, and are easily bundled with other products to generate upselling opportunities within your existing business.

We would love the opportunity to talk with you directly and will be happy to assist you in planning your orders and opening an account with Pediasleep.  To request more information, including our most recent wholesale pricing, please contact us by using the form below.


For webmasters and online marketers who don't want to carry inventory, our affiliate program is among the best in the industry.  We pay high commissions for every sale that is generated from all customer that you refer to our site. 

Signing up for our affiliate program is free and takes less than 5 minutes.  Once you've signed up, we send you a link or banner to put on your website.  When a person clicks the link, they are sent to our site to make their purchases, our shopping cart calculates your commission automatically, and we pay you each month for your prior month's sales.

To request more information, please contact our affiliate program manager by using the form below.


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