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Most Popular Soothing Sounds

We're often asked which sounds are the most popular. The sounds below have proven to be the most popular with customers over the last several months, so they must have something going for them in terms of effectiveness.


Remember, every baby is unique, so what works for some or even most babies may not work for your baby. If you don't know what you want, this category is a great starting point, but don't be afraid to branch out into our other sounds. And don't be afraid to start with one of our multi-sound package deals to discover what works best for your baby with trial-and-error of many sounds to choose from.

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Hair DryerHair Dryer

Ask any parent who has tried this surprisingly soothing sound, and they will tell you there's nothing better. Save the electricity, and buy the recording - your baby will never know the difference...

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Ocean SurfOcean Surf

Honestly, is anything more relaxing than the sound of the ocean? Short of actually being there, our recordings of the ocean surf are a great way to recreate this same feeling at your convenience...

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Combining the soothing sounds of the womb with our relaxing river sounds makes for a tranquil sound combo that will help both you and your baby relax and sleep better than ever...

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Steady Rain with WombSteady Rain with Womb

The sound of a steady rain as it gently falls is soothing to both adults and babies alike. With its gentle and hypnotic sound masking qualities, this sound is great for you and your baby...

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Stream with Frogs and CricketsStream with Frogs and Crickets

The calming sounds of a babbling brook provide the perfect background for the tranquil duet of nearby frogs and crickets. This is a favorite sound of ours, and it's sure to become one of yours...

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Calm your mind and soothe your soul with the relaxing sounds of rain on the roof and rolling thunder in the distance. This beautiful recording of a thunderstorm is pure relaxation when you need it...

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Vacuum CleanerVacuum Cleaner

Your baby is certain to love our soothing vacuum cleaner sounds. This surprisingly soothing sound is guaranteed to relieve colic and help your baby sleep better than ever...

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White Noise for AdultsWhite Noise for Adults

White noise isn't just for babies, it's perfect for adults too! This version of white noise is made for adults; it masks unwanted noises, aides relaxation and sleep, and can help treat tinnitus...

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White Noise for BabiesWhite Noise for Babies

Gentler than our "White Noise for Adults," this sound was created especially for babies. It's guaranteed to calm any fussy or tired baby with its sound masking qualities and calming 'whoosh'...

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Womb SoundsWomb Sounds

Womb sounds are great for helping any baby fall asleep and learn to sleep through the night. After all, your baby is bound to miss the 'womb service' that they became used to...

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