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Hair Dryer CD Customer Testimonial

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Happy Customer with her Baby

“... My baby has never slept this well before!  Before I bought your sounds, she would cry most of the night, but I played PEDIASLEEP to her and she was asleep in just 10 minutes.  Before this, she would only sleep in my arms; now she is sleeping for over 4 hours a night!  Thanks so much! ...”




“... I just wanted to say that the PEDIASLEEP MP3 files are fantastic...My 2 week old baby actually slept last night for the first time!!! So this is a big THANK YOU from a very happy Mum! ...”

Happy Customers with their Baby


“... This is a great product! My baby is sleeping like, well, a baby! I will recommend you to all of my friends ...”



Happy Customer with her Baby

“... Thank you so much! Your running water sound is the only noise that calms our 7 week old son. And, it saves our water bill too! I still cannot believe that the simple sound of water will put my son instantly to sleep! The boy is sleeping peaceful now thanks to you ...”



“... Your CD works great! Thank you so much!!! Last night was the first time I've slept in 6 weeks ...”



“... Thanks to your Running Water sounds, our little princess is sleeping and allowing her mother to take a shower, eat breakfast, AND pack a diaper bag without a peep. Thanks again for offering these soothing sound CDs. You've made another young mother (and baby) quite happy! ...”




“... You guys offer great after-purchase support! I just bought the womb sounds, and mate, they work so well, it is unreal!! Thanks for a great product! ...”

Happy Customers with their Baby


“... Hi, I purchased the Hair Dryer CD from you in March, and our baby has slept through the night since. You are a life saver! Thank you! We have the CD playing every night, all night long. Thanks soooo much! ...”




Happy Customer with her Baby

“... My son is my third child, so I know all about sleepless nights! However, he is a hardened pro when it comes to keeping his parents up all night... the stamina on that boy is impressive to say the least! Anyway, we have tried every lotion and potion known to mankind and nothing, NOTHING helped... until now.


I am so pleased with your PEDIASLEEP Hair Dryer CD because you have not only saved me from burning out another hair dryer, but you have also improved all our lives dramatically. It may not be a miracle cure, but my son is a changed baby. You have been so helpful, professional, and amazingly prompt (the CD only took about 5 days to reach us, and we live in Wales). I have recommended you to every human being I know. Thank you, or as we say in Wales "Diolch" and "Nos Da!" ...”




“... I can not believe how good this works, and the best part about it is that I could download it immediately! ...”

Happy Customer with herBaby


“... I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the PEDIASLEEP CD that I bought from your company. It has instantly become an important part of my son's bedtime routine. With the CD playing, he goes right to sleep! I also wanted you to know that I have recommended the CD to the moms in my Nursing Moms' Network, and to my sister, 2 cousins, and 3 friends who are all pregnant! Thank you! ...”




Happy Customers with their Baby

“... Track #3 (clothes dryer) is the greatest! I actually managed to take a bubble bath today!!! ...”




“... PEDIASLEEP is AWESOME! Your soothing sounds are easily the best money I've spent on my baby. My 2 month old LOVES IT! I put it on repeat and let my baby sleep, sleep, sleep ...”




“... Your clothes dryer sound is awesome to soothe my 3-month old son! Thanks for an awesome product! ...”




“... Our little girl had her 2 month immunizations yesterday and was quite unsettled, but the continuous sound of the tumble dryer worked a treat! I also just put her in her cot ten minutes ago, and she put herself to sleep!!! It doesn’t happen every day, so I want to say thank you for a great product, so much better for the environment and cheaper than running the dryer every time it is time to nap! Thank you! ...”

-Emile and Baby Jade



“... Your white noise is great. Your communication and customer service is fantastic. I would most certainly deal with you again!!!! ...”

Happy Customers with their Baby


“... Your sounds are such a great buy!! I'm so happy to have a easier way to stop my baby from crying ...”




Happy Customer with her Baby

“... This is awesome! I can't believe it really works!!! Thanks!!! ...”